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No More Annual Mammograms?

A Canadian study looked at the impact of annual mammograms for women 40+ to see if the practice of annual mammograms increased their chances of detecting and surviving breast cancer. After a 25-year follow up, researchers found

C-Sections + Antibiotics = Infant Eczema

A new study examined the relationship between cesarean deliveries, exposure to antibiotics prior to birth and the potential for the baby to develop atopic dermatitis (AD) also known as eczema. The study found that “the combination of

Routine Pelvic Exams Not Recommended

The American College of Physicians (ACP) has released new guidelines regarding routine pelvic examinations for “asymptomatic, nonpregnant, adult women.” Based upon the most recent research, the ACP notes that “evidence shows that the diagnostic accuracy of pelvic

Women take Vitamin E for ALS

The ice bucket challenge has brought a lot of attention to amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease. But what many people who participated aren’t aware of is an earlier study that “investigated whether

Body Mass and Foot Joint Pain

It is reasonable to believe that the more a person weighs, the more stain they place on their feet. While this may seem obvious, the first large study over an extended period of time was only recently

Magnesium Keeps Senior Women Fit

Vitamin supplementation can be a very important way of maintaining health, especially for older adults. One study examined whether magnesium supplements could help improve physical function for older women. The study found that “daily magnesium oxide supplementation

Regular Sleep = Healthy Pregnancy

Our circadian rhythm is set by the natural light/dark nature of our days and night and is associated with many biological processes. And, as one study found, it can also have a negative impact on female reproduction.

Slim Down to Reduce Hot Flashes

A pilot study of overweight and obese menopausal women found that they were able to reduce their hot flashes. The study divided 40 women into weight loss and control groups. The results were that “women randomized to