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Body Mass and Foot Joint Pain

It is reasonable to believe that the more a person weighs, the more stain they place on their feet. While this may seem obvious, the first large study over an extended period of time was only recently

Slim Down to Reduce Hot Flashes

A pilot study of overweight and obese menopausal women found that they were able to reduce their hot flashes. The study divided 40 women into weight loss and control groups. The results were that “women randomized to

Weight Loss Reality T.V. Sending Wrong Message

Reality T.V. shows on weight loss are sending the wrong message about health, says Natalie Ingraham, of the University of California and author of an ongoing study of “The Biggest Loser.” Ingraham presented her work at the 2011 American

A “Multi-Modal” Approach to Weight Loss

There are a multitude of different approaches to weight loss. For some people, a “multi-modal” approach using a combination of efforts can be more effective. A recent study found that a 13-week weight loss program “consisting of

Smartphones Boost Veggie Intake

We all know we should probably pack more vegetables into our diets but with busy schedules and the temptations of junk food, forgoing the greens is an unfortunately common reality. This of course is an age-old problem

Why Weight Loss Cuts Back Pain

There’s more to weight loss than fitting into your favorite jeans — it just may be your ticket out of chronic pain. So, how? Research shows obesity not only increases your risk of lumbar disc herniation and pain

Obesity Shaves Years Off Your Life

What’s more unhealthy: carrying a few extra pounds or lighting up a cigarette? It’s turns out that both may be equally hazardous for your health, suggests to the results of a new study from the National Cancer

Overweight? Don’t blame it on overeating

Pick up most any weight loss book and one of the first things the authors usually address is scaling back on portion sizes and reducing your calorie intake. However, Medical News Today reports that a study just published