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Spinal Adjustments Instantly Ease Muscle Pain (Video)

Chiropractic adjustments can provide immediate relief for people with chronic muscle pain, according to new research. Chronic muscle pain, also known as myofascial pain syndrome, affects an estimated 25% of the general population, and 85% of middle-aged people.

Frozen Shoulder Syndrome Eased By Chiropractic

A new case study suggests chiropractic can provide significant relief of frozen shoulder syndrome. Frozen shoulder syndrome, or FSS, is a painful condition causing night pain and restricted shoulder range of motion. Medical treatments for FSS often include

Preventing Work Disability with Chiropractic (Video)

Chiropractic care may minimize missed worked days for back and neck pain, according to recent research. In a new survey, chiropractic patients tended to miss fewer work days compared to patients who hadn’t seen a chiropractor. The survey included

Chiropractic vs. Injections for Disc Herniation (Video)

A new study shows chiropractic is as effective as epidural steroid injections for lumbar disc herniation, but with less side effects and cost. Epidural steroid injections are frequently used to treat disc herniations and other conditions causing low-back

Chiropractic Adjustments Produce Immediate Results Visible on MRI (Video)

New research helps to explain why chiropractic is so effective for low-back pain. Using MRI scans, researchers were able to document the immediate benefits of chiropractic adjustments. Patients with low-back pain have restricted mobility in the lumbar spine

Video: TMJ Pain Eased By Chiropractic

Many patients with whiplash, headache, and fibromyalgia develop painful jaw symptoms. These symptoms are often related to temporomandibular joint disorders, or TMD. This joint allows your jaw to move with ease. A new case study shows that chiropractic

Video: Failed Back Surgery Syndrome Relieved by Chiropractic

Back surgery isn’t a magic bullet for relief: studies show that up to 40% of patients continue to suffer from back pain despite having had surgery. Many of these patients are told they need another surgery, but

Video: Chiropractic Better Than Medical Care Care Alone for Back Pain

People with back pain who are treated by a chiropractor experience more relief than patients treated with standard care alone, according to new research. A new study from the journal Spine tested the effects of combining chiropractic with