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Total Joint Replacement: Questions Patients Should Ask Their Doctor

The goal of orthopaedic treatment is to relieve pain and restore function. In planning your treatment, your doctor will consider many things, including your age, activity level, and general health. If nonsurgical treatment methods, such as medication,

Study: Etiology of Chronic Low Back Pain in Patients Having Undergone Lumbar Fusion

Objective.  To estimate the prevalence of lumbar internal disc disruption, zygapohyseal joint pain, sacroiliac joint pain, and soft tissue irritation by fusion hardware in post-fusion low back pain patients compared with non-fused patients utilizing diagnostic spinal procedures.

Video: Failed Back Surgery Syndrome Relieved by Chiropractic

Back surgery isn’t a magic bullet for relief: studies show that up to 40% of patients continue to suffer from back pain despite having had surgery. Many of these patients are told they need another surgery, but

Chiropractic Relieves Sciatica After Failed Back Surgery

Up to 40%  patients continue to suffer from low-back pain and sciatica even after surgery. In patients undergoing lumbar discectomy in particular, an estimated 10-30% experience postoperative pain, commonly referred to as failed back surgery syndrome. Nearly a

Video: Chiropractic Prevents the Need for Back Surgery

Seeing a chiropractor can help you avoid back surgery, according to a new study in the journal Spine. Researchers studied nearly 2,000 injured workers with back pain, and found that the health-care provider significantly affected a patient’s

Exercise As Good As Surgery for Knee Pain

Considering knee surgery? You may not want to rush into the operation room, a new study suggests.  The study shows that physical therapy and exercise are as effective as surgery for knee arthritis and torn cartilages. The researchers recommended

Chiropractic Patients less likely to undergo Lumbar Surgery

A recent study in the medical journal Spine found a strong association between chiropractic care and the avoidance of lumbar spine surgery. The American Chiropractic Association is encouraged by this and other recent research supporting chiropractic’s conservative,

Chiropractic Helps Patients Avoid Back Surgery, Study Shows

Chiropractic patients are more likely to avoid the need for surgery compared to patients under traditional care for back pain, according to a new study from the journal Spine. The results suggest that patients can benefit from