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Adolescent Back Pain at School

A new study found that “the prevalence of low back pain in the last year was 57% among (12 -15 year old) participants, with no significant difference between the sexes.” Researchers note that those students who were

Vitamin D for Kid’s Better Breathing

An important study examined how the lack of sufficient vitamin D impacts the lung function in children. Researchers tested children ages 5-18 and found that “the mean forced vital capacity (breathing in) was 53.4 mL, and the

Infant Antibiotics = Childhood Obesity

A recent study looks at “the impact of antibiotics prescribed in infancy (ages 0-23 months) on obesity in early childhood (ages 24-59 months).” The findings of the study (also reported in the Los Angeles Times) are that

Essential Oils & Kid’s Respiratory Health

A study from Russia looks at “the application of essential oils for the prevention of acute respiratory diseases and alleviation of clinical manifestations of rhinitis (stuffy, runny nose) was evaluated in a group of children aged 3-4

Music Works Wonders

The full power of music has yet to be fully understood. There is evidence to suggest that music can improve learning and even neurologic function, particularly with how children speak and hear. One study is beginning to

Breastfeeding Encourages Healthy Diet

An interesting study examined if any (partial) or exclusive breastfeeding as an infant had an impact of the eating habits of children when they turned six years old. The study found that “frequency of consumption of water,

Children Eat as They Are Taught

A study of children’s eating habits found that “31.9% of 6-year-old children consumed fruit less than once daily and 19.0% consumed vegetables less than once daily.” Upon further examination, researchers found that “children who consumed fruits and

Infant Antibiotics = Asthma

Three studies have demonstrated an association between antibiotics and childhood asthma. The first study found that “both prenatal (before birth) and post-natal exposure to antibiotics was associated with an increased risk of asthma.” Building on this, the