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Chiropractic: The Key to Healthy Aging

Think you have to live with back pain just because you’re growing old? You’re not alone. Research shows that although older adults are more likely to experience back pain, they are less likely to seek care for their

Why Aging Aggravates Spinal Injuries

Aging inhibits healing from countless conditions, including spinal chord injury. A new study from Ohio State University helps to explain why. For the first time researchers have shown that a spinal cord injury is more severe in

Migraine Tied to Brain Injury in Older Adults

New research shows that older adults with migraine have a greater risk of a certain type of brain injury known as subclinical brain infarction. Subclinical brain infarction is a blockage of blood to the brain area that can

Chiropractic Protects Your Spine As You Age, Study Suggests

For years, older adults have relied on chiropractors to ease their aches and pains, but little is known about the everyday use of chiropractic by seniors, and whether chiropractic can be of benefit in routine care for

Chiropractic Effective for Neck Pain in Seniors, Study Finds

A recent study shows that not only are neck adjustments safe for the elderly, they’re extremely effective for neck pain when combined with exercise. Although earlier studies have shown the benefits of chiropractic for neck pain, there

Risk of Herniated Disc Decreases After Age 80

Earlier research has shown that the risk of lumbar disc herniation increases with age, but a new study raises questions about that common assumption. The study suggests that adults over the age of 80 are actually less

Degenerative Disc Disease Eased By Chiropractic

Degenerative disc disease (DDD) is a common complaint among aging adults, and is a frequent source of lower back and neck pain. As we age, the spinal discs separating the vertebrae begin to break down and degenerate,

Chiropractic and Massage Most Popular Choices for Seniors

Many older adults with back pain hesitate to depend on pain medications for managing their symptoms. Although drugs can provide temporary relief, they can carry a number of unwanted side effects and may even complicate treatment plans

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