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Chiropractic Effective for Hip Osteoarthritis

Some physical therapists and other health-care providers are firm believers in the efficacy of patient education as a means to reduce symptoms for various musculoskeletal diseases. Ongoing research has been conducted to investigate the actual effects that

Manual Therapy Effective for Back Pain in Older Adults

In a recent study, researchers sought to compare the effects of two different types of lumbar spinal manual therapy: thrust manipulation (TM) and non-thrust manipulation (NTM), on older adults with low-back pain. Participants were aged 55 to 88

Chiropractic Better for Jaw Pain Than Patient Education, Study Finds

Temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD) causes pain when patients open their mouths or chew their food. According to the American Chiropractic Association, the leading cause of TMD is severe injury to the jaw, like an auto injury or

Video: Manual Therapies Best Option for Teens with Back Pain

Back pain is a common complaint in teenagers, and 94% of teens with low-back pain say their symptoms limit their daily activities. Having back pain in adolescence also increases your risk of suffering from chronic symptoms as

Video: Manual Therapy Beats Ultrasound for Back Pain

A new study shows that manual therapies like chiropractic are better for back pain than ultrasound therapy. Both ultrasound and manual therapies are common conservative treatments for back pain, and researchers sought to compare the efficacy of the

Immediate Relief of Hip Pain After Manual Therapy

Manual therapy can lead to immediate improvements in hip pain, a new study suggests. Earlier research has shown that manual therapies like chiropractic can reduce symptoms in patients suffering from hip osteoarthritis. But what are the underlying

Manual Therapy Cuts Medication Use

A new study confirms the efficacy of osteopathic manual therapy for back pain, and suggests that it can help patients reduce their reliance on potentially-addictive pain medications. The study from the Annals of Family Medicine compared the efficacy

Teens with Back Pain: Manual Therapy Plus Exercise Most Effective

Teenagers with lower back pain (LBP) are more likely to develop chronic back pain as adults, studies suggest. Although there are treatments available for LBP in adolescents, there is little data on which treatment is the most