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Study: More U.S. Children Severely Obese

   Contrary to a recent report with encouraging figures on childhood obesity in the United States, a new study presents a more sobering picture of the nation’s pediatric weight problem. Severe obesity, which sets kids up for

Are iPads Making Teens’ Bones Weaker?

Parents often bemoan the amount of time teenagers spend surfing the web or playing video games, and a new study could add fodder to their worries. The study suggests that increased screen time is tied to significantly

Know Anyone Who’s Expecting?

​Improved sleep and reduced colic? That’s probably the best gift you can give a new parent! Know Anyone Who’s Expecting?  

Kids Hydration

When it comes to hydrating kids, particularly those who play sports, there’s a dizzying array of sodas, juices, iced tea, and bottled waters to choose from. And another category of beverages is causing a buzz: sports and

Most Common Kid Sports Injuries

While physical activity is beneficial for children’s health, it can lead to sports injuries in the growing bodies of young people. Research about sports injuries has been conducted in an effort to prevent injury and keep athletics

Comparing Sports Injuries Between Kids and Teens

With pediatric health-care providers facing the epidemic of obesity, it is more important than ever to promote athletic activities among young people. Fortunately, participation in youth sports has grown steadily over the past four decades. Along with that

Examining Spines of Children with Headache

Each year, more parents report that their children suffer from recurrent headaches. Diagnosis and treatment can both pose complications for health-care providers. Some suspect that a portion of these pediatric headaches may be cervicogenic headache, which result from