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Exercise and Chiropractic Cures Firefighter with Sciatica and Low-back pain

A combination of exercise and chiropractic care may be the missing link in your sciatica treatment. Recently, a case study illustrated the benefit of chiropractic care in a 47-year old firefighter with chronic back pain and sciatica. The

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Workplace Exercises Reduce Pain

Many people complain about musculoskeletal pain at work. Working machinery, lifting, even sitting can contribute to pain in your back, neck, legs, feet, etc. A recent study found that a workplace exercise program provides “statistically significant pain

Seniors Getting Pumped

A study examined “the effect of 26 weeks of low-load high-repetition resistance training (BodyPump™) on maximal strength, gait speed, balance and self-reported health status in healthy, active middle-aged and older adults.” This study divided seniors (over 55

You Walk How You Feel

An interesting study looked at how emotions impact the way people walk. In the study, “participants recalled past emotional experiences (anger, fear, happy, sad, and neutral), ‘relived’ those emotional memories before gait initiation (GI), and then walked

Save Money on Health Care

A recent study compared the cost of health care for those suffering from metabolic syndrome (MetS) and those who weren’t. Metabolic syndrome is a combination of high blood pressure, high blood sugar and excess body fat, particularly

Resistance Training for Better Health

A recent Finnish article printed in the journal Duodecim discusses the importance and under-utilization of resistance training in regard to treating obesity as well as slowing the aging process. The author discusses how resistance training aids in