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Drugs Don’t Make You Healthy


Muscle Relaxant and Antihistamine Dangers

Seniors can face greater dangers from certain drugs than younger people do. The amplified negative side effects can result in emergency department (ED) visits, hospitalization and even death (mortality). A new study looks at veterans (65 years

Risks of NSAIDs You Should Know

Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) include over-the-counter drugs like Ibuprofen (Motrin, Advil) and aspirin. A paper published in The American Journal of Accountable Care noted the frequent and serious complications that are all too typical for those who

Drugs = Erectile Dysfunction

A recent study shows that “worsening degrees of ED (erectile dysfunction) are seen when a greater number of medications are taken, regardless if they are prescribed or over the counter.” The study results show that the more

Kid Cannabis Use Lowers IQ Permanently

A 20-year study revealed that “persistent cannabis use over 20 y(ears) was associated with neuropsychological decline (IQ decline), and greater decline was evident for more persistent users. This effect was concentrated among adolescent-onset cannabis users, a finding

The Dangers of Antacids

Researchers are aware that “the use of acid suppression has been associated with an increased risk of upper and lower respiratory tract infections in the outpatient setting.” This inspired a study to better understand how acid suppression

Drug Dangers during Pregnancy

There is no such thing as a totally safe drug, especially when you are pregnant. A new study “analyzed 97,680 pregnancies. Prevalence of medication use was 74% pre-pregnancy, 56% during pregnancy, and 80% post-pregnancy. Most frequently used

NSAIDs Adverse Events

Many people take nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) assuming they can take as many as they want without much fear of negative side effects. Aspirin, Motrin and Advil are all different types of NSAIDs that are taken without