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Suspect Polypharmacy

As people get older, they begin to lose their ability to remember, think and walk. For many this is a natural part of aging.  But a growing trend of polymedicating is often the cause. A case study

How New Moms Beat Motherhood Stress

Researchers in Australia looked at the “psychological distress, depression, anxiety, and stress” of new mothers. Their first finding was not a surprise: “mothers had significantly poorer psychological well-being than the general Australian population.” The good news is

Study Seeks to Treat Back Pain and Depression Together

Back pain and depression are often intertwined, and unfortunately tend to increase as we age. This has prompted some top researchers to find a way to treat both in our nation’s seniors, hopefully creating a multi-level approach

Marijuana Use = Depression

KEY LINK goes NOWHERE Depression can be as debilitating as physical trauma, and after all the hoopla that marijuana is harmless, evidence is mounting that non-depressed teens who use marijuana are more likely to be depressed as

Exercise Treats and Prevents Depression

We all know physical activity can do wonders for lifting the mood, but new research shows that regular exercise may actually prevent the onset of depression. Although earlier research has demonstrated the positive effects of exercise on mental

Stroke Victims Suffer Chronic Pain

More than one in ten people who have had an ischemic stroke will develop new chronic pain, leading to an increased risk of declining cognition and function. In a large clinical trial, researchers evaluated prevention measures for recurrent