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No More Annual Mammograms?

A Canadian study looked at the impact of annual mammograms for women 40+ to see if the practice of annual mammograms increased their chances of detecting and surviving breast cancer. After a 25-year follow up, researchers found

Vitamin C for Chemotherapy Side Effects

A case study looked at how vitamin C could increase the quality of life and reduce the fatigue for a patient undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer. Researchers found that when taking vitamin C on a regular basis,

Multivitamins for Breast Cancer?

Researchers sought to discover if “multivitamins with minerals supplements (MVM) used by women already diagnosed with invasive breast cancer would affect their breast cancer mortality risk.” After an over 7 years of study, they found that “breast

Breast Cancer Spontaneous Regression?

Breast cancer is certainly a frightening diagnosis for any woman. But a group of researchers was concerned that there may be a natural regression for certain forms of breast cancer that may not be considered. To determine

Overdiagnosis of Breast Cancer

While cancer is a very frightening disease, a recent study found that it has been overdiagnosed with the advent of mammograms. Researchers noted “our estimate of overdiagnosed cancers attributable to mammography over the past 30 years involved