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Avoid Fizzy

There are a number of vitamin supplements and over-the-counter drugs (aspirin, Alka Seltzer, etc.) that are available in a “fizzy” form (usually a powder) that makes them easy to drink. The problem is that many of these

Chiropractic & Exercise: Perfect Fibromyalgia Treatment

Anyone with a chronic pain condition like fibromyalgia knows it can be difficult to adhere to a complex set of treatment instructions: physical therapy, medications, creams, journals, the list goes on. We get busy or forget and

Casual Sex Dangerous to Mental Health

An interesting study looked at the impact casual sex has on the mental health in “emerging adulthood.” The authors “measured mental health prior to engaging in casual sexual relationships and subsequent mental health after engaging in these

Older Moms Live Longer?

A new study found that women who are older when they give birth to their last child live much longer. The results showed that women who gave birth to their last child at age 33 or higher

Dizziness subsides with chiropractic

A 2011 case study suggests that chiropractic adjustments may alleviate chronic dizziness associated with neck pain.1 A 29 year old man had been suffering from cervicogenic dizziness for 10 years. His dizziness developed in his 20s after a

Your Headaches Might Be Caused by Neck Dysfunction

Do you ever experience neck stiffness or pain with your headaches? Recent research suggests that neck and head pain are more related than you think. One study examined whether headaches and cervical spine impairment were linked in patients with

Weight Loss Reality T.V. Sending Wrong Message

Reality T.V. shows on weight loss are sending the wrong message about health, says Natalie Ingraham, of the University of California and author of an ongoing study of “The Biggest Loser.” Ingraham presented her work at the 2011 American

Athletes Need Their Vitamin D

A recent study of NCAA athletes found that “more than one third had abnormal (low) vitamin D levels.” The authors went on to note that: Many studies indicate a significant prevalence of vitamin-D insufficiency across various populations.