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Omega 3 Improves Cognitive Performance

A study looked at how an Omega-3 fatty acid supplement might impact the cognitive performance of healthy young people (ages 18 to 25). The young people were tested took the fish oil supplement for six months. The

Obesity and Waist Circumference > 35″

More than one-third of American adults, nearly 36%, are now obese. That’s one reason researchers are interested in looking at how being overweight impacts our health.

20 Minutes of Exercise Cuts Back Pain Risk

Going on a daily 20 minute walk can decrease your risk of back pain by up to 32% if you’re overweight, according to new research. Earlier studies have shown that being overweight, obese, or inactive increases your risk

Avoiding Fast Foods Over the Holidays

Busy holiday schedules may make parents more likely to stop at Wendy’s or McDonald’s for a quick bite to eat, but that practice may come at a cost for you or your children. Eating fast foods on

Smoking Steals 10 Years from Women

A study involving 1.2 million women made some sobering discoveries about how smoking impacts women’s health: “two-thirds of all deaths of smokers in their 50s, 60s, and 70s are caused by smoking;” “of the 30 most common

Clinicians Contribute to Negative Back Pain Beliefs

Despite research showing otherwise, many patients continue to believe that bed rest and avoiding certain activities is an adequate model for recovery after a back injury. A new study sought to examine how patients develop these negative

Just 12 Percent of Women Over 50 Are ‘Satisfied’ With Their Bodies

Study finds that those who feel comfortable with their weight exercise often but rarely diet to stay thin. A recent survey of 1,700 women over age 50 found that a paltry 12 percent said they were satisfied

Weight loss tied to knee arthritis benefits

Intensive weight loss together with regular exercise did more to ease knee arthritis than exercise alone for overweight and obese adults in a new U.S. study. Knee inflammation, pain and functioning all improved more among people who