Monthly Archive:: April 2013

Teen Smokers At Risk of Osteoporosis

Smoking at a young age can increase your risk of osteoporosis and spinal pain, according to recent research. Earlier studies have shown that smoking, anxiety, and depression can decrease bone mineral density in adults, which elevates the risk

Treating Your Child’s Ear Infections Without Antibiotics

Most kids will have at least one ear infection during childhood. They occur when the Eustachian tube inside the ear becomes blocked or inflamed. An excessive amount of fluid then builds up, which becomes a breeding ground

Video: Chiropractic Prevents the Need for Back Surgery

Seeing a chiropractor can help you avoid back surgery, according to a new study in the journal Spine. Researchers studied nearly 2,000 injured workers with back pain, and found that the health-care provider significantly affected a patient’s

Immediate Relief of Hip Pain After Manual Therapy

Manual therapy can lead to immediate improvements in hip pain, a new study suggests. Earlier research has shown that manual therapies like chiropractic can reduce symptoms in patients suffering from hip osteoarthritis. But what are the underlying

Acupuncture Better Than Drugs for Menstrual Pain

Suffering from a bad bout of PMS? Time to put down the ibuprofen and visit your local acupuncture clinic. New research shows that acupuncture is more effective than medications for managing severe menstrual pain, or primary dysmenorrhea. While

Sick and Tired of TMJ? Check the Neck

Jaw pain, clicking, cheek soreness, teeth grinding, neck pain and headaches are symptoms associated with a condition that over ten million Americans suffer from: TMJ Disorder. It’s a problem that can impact any activity involving the muscles

Back and Neck Pain Can Deprive You of Sleep

Chronic pain in the neck and low back can cause a host of lifestyle problems and health complications. A retrospective study has shown that chronic back and neck pain can lead to sleep impairment as well. Researchers in Germany

Why You Shouldn’t Stretch Before Exercise

Many trainers will tell you to stretch before hitting a hard round of weight lifting or running. But recent research suggests that static stretching before a work out can actually hinder athletic performance. Two new studies add to