Monthly Archive:: July 2012

Chest pains? Chiropractic could help

Every year, more than 6 million people are admitted to the emergency room for chest pain. Among patients suspected of having acute coronary syndrome, 20% are told they have undifferentiated chest pain. They often leave the ER

Vitamins reduce risk of pancreatic cancer

Diets rich in selenium, vitamin D, and vitamin E could prevent pancreatic cancer. High intakes of all three nutrients reduced pancreatic cancer risk by 67% among participants in a new study. Researchers from the UK analyzed the diets

Pilates as effective as physical therapy for back pain

There’s more to Pilates than getting in shape. Those stretching and ab-toning exercises could go a long way in soothing symptoms of chronic low back pain according to a new study. Australian researchers compared the efficacy of Pilates

Chiropractic safe for kids, study finds

A new survey of European chiropractors confirmed that chiropractic is safe for kids. Less than 1% of children experienced side effects from chiropractic treatments, and they were all mild. No serious side effects were reported. The survey included

What causes airplane headache?

Even the shortest flight can be stressful enough to make your head throb—crying babies, noise, long security lines, baggage fees—but stress isn’t the cause of a head pain disorder called “airplane headache.” This specific type of headache was

Brain scans predict chronic back pain

Brain scans could reveal whether a patient will develop chronic back pain. In a recent study, brain scans taken early in the course of low-back pain predicted chronicity with 85% accuracy. This is the first time scientists can

Keeping food journal to keep off the weight

Keeping a food journal may take an extra 10 minutes from your day but it could help you keep a healthy weight. A new study found that self-monitoring behaviors, preparing meals at home, and eating at regular

Stress hormones eased with chiropractic adjustments

For many years, it has been known that chiropractic adjustments can treat a variety of conditions. Now, evidence is mounting that chiropractic care can also improve overall health. Recent studies have shown chiropractic treatments can improve immune